Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Guilty Gear Xrd TGS 2014 Sin Impressions

     Since I'm home off work early and have nothing better to do with my time, I figured I may as well get this out of the way and just get my first impressions about Sin out of the way. Why is there a picture of both Sin and El? Well it's simple. El has big tits and is holding a strawberry grenade.

     Now when Sin was first announced I was really excited that they released a character who would get me interested in Xrd. If you know me and my thoughts and Xrd then you'll most likely know I like the game, but not really a fan of what they're doing with most of the X / XX characters released. I just find their AC / +R counterparts a lot more polished and interesting to play and watch. It was the main reason I was more interested in /newer/ characters announced and not bringing back more XX characters if they're just going to revert them to their older counterparts. Anyways, when Sin was announced I was interested in how his hunger meter would work and how exactly his rushdown would work w/ him being able to special cancel all of his specials into each other as long as he has meter. I originally thought he was going to be Order Sol lite, but after watching the TGS vids and figuring out more and more stuff about him I'm starting to get more and more excited for him and can't wait to practice him when I get ahold of this game.

     I'm really liking his movement options. He has a nice, fast run speed with a normal jump arc. This is great for trying to chase people and stopping jumpouts (something OS has a major problem with in +R). Sin can close the gap just like HOS, not only by running, but with his pole vault jumps travelling full screen and giving you air movement options afterwards  and will most likely will have  more with YRC forward momentum. His backdash looks decent, but I can't really talk about it more until I know how much invul it has. It looks fast and covers a decent range, like Ciel's backdash in MB, so that's actually pretty good.

      His hunger meter looks really easy to manage to the point it'll probably be an afterthought in high level play. The less meter he has when eats. The more he gains. On top of that his special moves do not really take a lot of meter to use so you can really go HAM with them and stay safe for the most part. What this mean is that during his combos he can decide to cut his combo short and for hard knockdown and eat food and regain most, if not all, of his hunger meter back. On top of that he recovers fast enough that he'll be able to run oki on top of that. It's like AC FRCing with OS, minus the FRC of course. Although I'm 100% sure he'll be able to RC / YRC CIAGB (Cause I'm A Growing Boy) to set up even more obnoxious stuff.

     His DP is worth noting...for a few reasons actually. Unless it's an air hit, his DP will not launch the opponent. This sounds like a bad at first especially when you consider they will recover before you do unless it's a NON-CH. Well guess what? His DP can be special cancelled on hit or block. So guess what~? On hit he can get a full confirm and on block he can make his DP SAFE. DP > pole jump to get out of dodge or DP > rush to start pressure. For a rushdown character to have a safe DP in that sense is pretty insane. The best apart of all this? It all cost little resources to do. "Respect the mash".

     Overall, this character is looking /really/ good. On top of what I discussed he has a slow moving fireball super that will allow him to create space and safely charge (something OS can't do), his damage looks consistent and stable (unlike OS), he's not resource extensive (unlike OS), he has nice fast moving pokes and he looks like he'll have great pressure. I have really high hopes this character, alongside El, will be strong by the time console Xrd drops. Having a character I genuinely want to play is really helping me get excited for this game and I can't wait to play it!

Till then, later.

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